Pax East 2020 Pre-Show

pax east boston 2020

Steve and Rob give their annual PAX East Pre-show. Here's a synopsis of what they discussed:

  • Exhibitors
  • Going over panels, etc for each day
  • Merch - mention likes and dislikes
  • Vendors
  • Board Games
  • Tabletop Freeplay area
  • MTG Area/Tournament Play
  • Music Shows
  • Tips and Tricks

Check it out on Twitch!

Stay tuned durning PAX for some reaction shows and of course the post PAX East wrap up show.

Summer 2019 Movie Preview

Steve and Rob look at this "summer's" slot of movies. What movies should you check out? And which ones should you wait for Redbox?

Pax East 2019 Wrap Up Show

Steve and Rob report back from this year's PAX East convention.

Season 5

That's right! Season 5 is coming soon! Check back in the coming days for more details.