Season 2

Season 2:  Episode #9

Rob and Steve go through the Apple September 2015 Press Event. They tell you what to be excited about and what not to be. Additionally, you hear some strong opinions about is is overrated!

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Season 2:  Episode #8

Rob and Steve discuss the upcoming games during the fall and winter of 2015 and into early 2016. They talk about ones that are can\'t miss and others that are to be avoided. Strong opinions in this one!

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Season 2:  Episode #6

In this episode of the Tilted Vortex Podcast, Rob and Steve get back into their regular format. They go over the latest events going on in the con world coming up. After that they discuss some of the shows and movies going on they are into and hope that you are into. They cover some new technology news from Microsoft and Nintendo. They cover some Kickstarter projects they feel are worthy and wrap up by calling out Nintendo as the Doad of the Week.

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Season 2:  Episode #7 (Summer 2015 Movie Preview - Part 1)

This is part 1 of the 2015 summer movie preview. It covers the months of May and June. Rob and Steve go over the movies they really want to see and why, as well as some other movies that they definitely have no interest in seeing. Part 2 of this podcast will be coming in June of 2015.

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Season 2:  Episode #5 (PAX East 2015 Wrapup Show)

In this Episode Steve and Rob go over the experiences they had at PAX East 2015. They cover all the bases, surprises, disappointments, and of course, things they learned. Find out if they were right on this year in the PAX East 2015 Pre-Show or if their predictions were one EPIC Fail.

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