Season 4:  Episode #3 (PAX East 2017 Preview - Indie Games)

In the third of 4 PAX East Preview Episodes, Rob and Steve go over the Indie games coming to PAX East 2017. They pick out their most anticipated selections and tell you what they are looking forward to the most. Here's a synopsis of what we'll be talking about:

Indie Game Area

59 Megabooth, 16 Minibooth, and 10 in Tabletop Indie Area. Be sure to check out the Indie Megabooth website, which has a complete list and full descriptions of each game.

Indie Showcase (5 of Them)

Indie Area

Megabooth (59 of Them)

  • Too many to mention them all
  • We mention a few of them

Minibooth (16 of Them)

Table Top (10 of Them)

Check out Season 4, Episode 3!